Safety & Support

Merit Group Travel provides unparalleled support for their groups. We collect detailed information about our group and its members prior to departure allowing us to ensure that individual special needs are accommodated for both before departure and during the trip. In addition, we have, over the years, developed detailed and comprehensive materials.

Our support structure is as follows:

  • Hosted Orientation Meetings for group members in Canada before departure
  • Hosted Orientation Meetings for group leaders in Canada if required
  • A Procedures Manual for all group leaders which includes itinerary, country details, health and safety, emergency procedures and contact numbers
  • An Information Booklet for all group members and parents (if applicable) which includes itinerary, country details, contact numbers, emergency procedures, health and safety information and packing lists.
  • 24/7 access to staff in Canada and to to staff in host country
  • Visa service provided either directly through our office or through our visa service partners

With years of experience in the group travel business, we know the importance of safety and support for your group. For further information on documentation and health see the following websites

Canada Department of Foreign Affairs
Health Canada
Canadian Passport Services
U.S. Department of State