Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

  • We can and will customize trips for all types of groups. Each trip we build is done with care ensuring that it meets the group’s specific interests and budget. We arrange trips from budget style to luxury – we will provide airfare only or we will fully manage your trip….just tell us what you’d like and what objectives you have to meet and we’ll do the rest!
  • We have exclusive programs such as Volunteer Abroad and Language Learning Abroad that offer unique experiences for groups. In addition, we carry an exclusive insurance product and an exclusive range of airfares
  • We have strong affiliations. We are a division of Merit Travel Group.

What is the minimum/maximum group size?
A minimum group size is ten people travelling together. There is no maximum group size and we will provide you with a quote for as many participants you have. For Educational Tours, you will never be combined with other school tours. You will always have your own tour customized to ensure that you have control of your objectives and curriculum content.

How can I travel for FREE?
If you are a group leader, free travel is possible depending on your group’s size. Typically we build in free travel for the group leader for groups over ten but in reality the number of free group leaders can be customized to suit your needs. As a group leader, you would be the main contact for the group and would liaise with us for all requests and changes. If you’re interested in travel and you would think you would make a good group leader, have us help you put together a specialized tour that you can promote and sell.

What do you use for transportation?
We are able to utilize the best airfares possible – charter flights, student class airfares, and special contracted rates. While travelling we use comfortable coaches, or local transportation – trains, boats, and ferries! We will always ensure safety and comfort for our clients.

What type of accommodation do you utilize?
We can organize whatever accommodation you desire, from hostels, to budget hotels, to villas, or superior hotels. For Educational Tours, we can provide meeting rooms for your planning and educational sessions. Depending on the group requirements, we can provide a night watch security and limit accessibility to roofs/parking. We want to ensure that safety is always maintained and that whatever your level of accommodation, that it is comfortable.

What types of meals are included?
This is specific to each group. We offer trips that range from fully all-inclusive to those providing no meals. In essence, we have a great deal of flexibility in the meal plan we choose for you. For some school groups, we provide “cafeteria-style” dining, for those groups that have busy tour days, we can provide bagged lunches, and for some groups we ensure some of their dining is in unique local restaurants with local specialties on the menu. We arrange healthy, wholesome meals with good variety and in addition, we ensure that all special meal requests are met.

Can I add on days to my tour?
Typically tour dates can be extended for group participants with little or no increased airfare cost. Naturally any extended hotel stays or tours would attract costs. If you would like to extend your trip, we can provide you with a variety of itinerary options.

How do we make sure our Educational needs are met?
With our considerable experience and with former teachers on staff we are able to provide a high level of support for your proposed trip. We will work with you from the setting out of Educational Travel Objectives, to the Curriculum fit, to Program Development and Implementation and through to School Board or University department approval.

Why do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance can be one of your most important purchases. No one plans to have an accident or incident but if something happens, the results can have serious financial implications From large hospital bills, to the high cost of some procedures to the often enormous cost of emergency evacuation, no one who was in a serious accident overseas thought it would happen to them-insurance is your safety net just in case.

What are the benefits of getting Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage?
Trip Cancellation/Interruption will protect you from costs arising if you have to cancel, delay, or interrupt your trip due to serious illness or injury to you, a travel companion, or a close family member. Additionally you are covered for unexpected events such as jury duty or destination problems that result in government travel advisories. Again, no one plans to have an accident or to become ill or to be called to jury duty but should it happen this insurance will reimburse you for your financial loss……from penalties on your tour before you depart to the cost (often exorbitant) of a re-scheduled return flight home.

How do I book? When are payments due?
You may book a tour or request a quote by contacting our sales offices by telephone, fax or e-mail. You may also request information and a quote on-line. Normal deposits are due shortly after reserving and final payments are due 6-8 weeks prior to departure. We accept payment in cheque form or by credit card.