Merit Group Travel

Language Study Groups

Have you ever thought about leading or arranging a group to study a language abroad? Have you ever considered incorporating overseas language study with your cultural group or your service learning group? 

Our global partners have been carefully selected and are assured to be well established institutes with attractive school locations and well qualified teachers. Whether your group members are complete beginners or advanced speakers, our schools have the curriculum for you.


Remember that traveling and studying abroad can open the doors to many new ways of thinking, acting and living. The experience will lead to personal growth and a far greater understanding of the way of life in other parts of the world. As well, it will add a new and rewarding depth to your travel experiences.

IDCountryProgram NameDurationPrice
1051 France French Immersion Program In Nice, France 7 Day(s) 875
1143 Spain Spanish Language And Cultural Experience 12 Day(s) 3264
1144 Spain Language School In Madrid 11 Day(s) 2797